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Jailbreak Any iOS Device With AppFam

Unlock the full potential of any iOS version seamlessly without a computer!

AppFam AIO Tool

What is AppFam?

AppFam is an AIO suite to jailbreak any iOS version or device that requires no computer and is completely untethered. It works alongside Cydia which will allow you to get unlimited customizations, themes, mods and gain access to many new tools! It uses a unique app-transfer method so you can do all the setup procedures straight from your iPhone or iPad. It is by far the simplest technique that is available to date!


Why AppFam?

This is the only working utility with compatibility that spans across every version as well as device. Many people suffer from revokes or sudden losses of service, however, this solution solves all of those issues without taking a hit to performance. You will gain control over your device as well as many other benefits. As of today, there is no charge to use this service. 

Features & Usability


AppFam Features

The AIO box allows users to unlock every inch of their device’s functionality. Gain access to an array of tweaks, tools, customizations, mods and more! 

Features include (but not limited to):

  • Easy access to modded apps such as Snapchat++ without the risk of revokes
  • A full library of tweaks to customize your device how you see fit
  • Use custom themes and wallpapers that would not be available otherwise
  • Install any third-party apps as AppFam works as a side loading utility

How AppFam Works


AppFam uses a unique cloud-transfer method which allows the necessary files to be transferred through other apps. The data for the jailbreak suite is hidden within normal apps on the App Store and then unpackaged onto your device. Simply complete each app’s instructions exactly as the wizard says. Once you successfully finish the steps, it will initiate the file transfer straight to your device. From there you will gain access to the full functionality of the AIO suite.

iOS Version Tutorials

iOS 17

 iOS 17 introduces an array of improvements and fine-tuning, solidifying it as an essential upgrade for iPhone users. If you’re aiming to broaden your device’s functionality, AppFam provides a specialized cloud-based jailbreak for this version. With an intuitive interface and quick setup, AppFam simplifies and secures the jailbreaking process.

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iOS 16

Unlock the full potential of your iPhone with iOS 16 using AppFam. Our cloud-enabled jailbreak service is designed specifically for this release. With it, users can experience greater device control, customization, and access to previously restricted apps. Explore a new world of iOS possibilities and witness your iPhone’s true capabilities.

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iOS 16.1


Bypass the built-in constraints of iOS 16.1 and venture beyond its limitations. AppFam’s internet-based liberation tool is meticulously crafted to suit this iOS update. Whether you’re new to jailbreaking or an expert, this tool provides an easy, secure, and efficient method to free your device and expand its functions.

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iOS 16.2


Discover an iOS 16.2 without boundaries. Liberate your iPhone from standard restrictions using AppFam’s online solution. Tailored for this version, it ensures users can safely gain additional freedom, functionality, and the ability to personalize their device beyond Apple’s default settings.

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iOS 16.3


Enhance your iPhone experience with iOS 16.3 by leveraging AppFam’s web-based jailbreak system. Custom-built for this iOS iteration, our tool provides not just greater device autonomy but also opens up a plethora of customization options and third-party app access. Make the most out of your iPhone like never before.

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iOS 16.3.1


iOS 16.3.1 brings a variety of enhancements and fixes, making it a significant update for iPhone users. For those looking to expand their device’s capabilities, AppFam offers a cloud-based jailbreak solution tailored for this iOS version. With its user-friendly interface and efficient setup, AppFam makes the jailbreaking process seamless and secure.

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iOS 16.4


Break free from the limitations set by iOS 16.4 and supercharge your device with AppFam. Our online liberation utility is engineered explicitly for this version, offering secure, quick, and effortless jailbreaking solutions. Unshackle your iPhone to unlock a world of new features and functionalities.

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iOS 16.4.1


Elevate your iOS 16.4.1 experience with AppFam’s cloud-anchored jailbreak software. Tailored to this version, it delivers a smooth, risk-free process for users wishing to gain full control over their iPhone’s capabilities. Dive deeper into customization options and enhance your device’s utility.

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iOS 16.5


Push the boundaries of what your iPhone can do on iOS 16.5 with AppFam. With our internet-facilitated unlocking tool, specifically designed for iOS 16.5, users can liberate their devices securely and efficiently. Customize your device settings, interface, and gain access to restricted apps with ease.

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iOS 16.5.1


Unveil the hidden features of your iOS 16.5.1 iPhone with AppFam’s digital jailbreak solution. Perfectly aligned with this specific update, AppFam offers a secure, user-friendly platform to broaden your device’s range of capabilities. Transform your iPhone into a more versatile, efficient tool.

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iOS 16.6


Step up your iOS 16.6 game by unlocking its full capabilities through AppFam. Our cloud-based freedom tool is fine-tuned to work seamlessly with this version. It offers users an avenue to bypass limitations securely, enabling an enhanced user experience filled with customization and improved functionalities.

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Install the AIO Tool now!

Installation Instructions


The current solution to jailbreak all iOS versions and devices requires no computer and is 100% untethered. It uses our cloud transfer utility method which is very simple and should take less than 5 minutes. This guide will allow you to get tweaks, themes and game mods without revokes. 

The steps are as follows:

1. Get the Cydia installer profile and allow it:

2. Go to your device’s settings and approve the profile


3. Open the Cydia profile and tap on any feature to get to the setup screen


4. Click “Start” to begin the installation process

5. Complete the exact steps listed on the wizard. Do exactly what each individual app’s instructions say to do. Once you complete the requirements, the iOS jailbreak will load within 30 minutes with all of the features working. 

For more detailed instructions on a per-version basis, Check Out the Version-Specific Tutorials Here

Refer to the following video for more help:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is AppFam compatible with my device?
The AIO utility is designed to work with all iOS versions and devices including iPhone and iPads. It has been tested extensively across many version/device combinations by our experts.

Q: It’s been 30 minutes and the profile hasn’t loaded with all the features, what do I do?
This means that you have missed crucial steps in the setup process. You need to go back and redo the instructions, do more of the app’s in the wizard and restart your device once completed.

Q: If I update my device, will the jailbreak stay?
Yes, this method is designed to transcend future versions and devices. Our unique transfer system allows you to use your device freely as if it was still stock whilst maintaining the benefits of unlocking it.

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